Young People at a Workshop


Advocacy Project

We take advocacy very seriously. It represents standing up for a person or a cause. What we miss about advocacy is that it is also empowering the voices of those who can not speak for themselves. If you are passionate about our freedoms and the world around us, join the team!

Environment Activists Protest

  Prayer Umpires

The Prayer Umpires are those prayer partners that specifically pray for things to go well with our causes and ministry endeavors. They umpire between the issue and Well Life's Societal touchpoints. Join the team!

Praying Hands

Project Community Engagement

Coming together with people from all walks of life, is one of the most wonderful aspects of living. We get to do life with a community and engage it regularly. Are you a people person? Then Join the team!


CoActionairs for Ministry

The delegates of CoActionairs Team are those who put Christ-like action in motion to bring to pass the vision. They are those who put feet to the vision. If this is you, lets go! Join the team!

Businessman on Phone

Project Urbanity

The power that is extracted from practicing Urbanity in what we do is remarkable. Learning to be culturally responsive in new environments fortifies everyone involved and secures relationships when everyone is able to be empathetic to one another's culture. Are you up for the challenge of helping others understand social grace and interactions with other cultures in a refined way? Join the team!

Image by John Jennings

The Significance Project

Everyone was created on purpose with a purpose. Not only is it important to know one's identity, the who, but it's as equally important to learn the why, or personal significance. If helping others through this terrain is what fulfills you, Join the team!

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