- The Lab -

For Creativity  & Authenticity

- Write

- Build

- Sing

- Draw

- Sculpt

- Dream

- Create

The Lab is the outlet for activating your authentic self through developing your creativity.


Imagine a space established for inner artistic growth.  A meet up with your peers where you are encouraged to be you and the only responsibility there is to allow the freedom of your desire to 'write, dream, sing, draw, build, or sculpt' to flow and to be expressed in creating.  The is the time for you to do that creative thing that makes you, you!


No one really has to instruct you at being your authentic self once your self-awareness is active. We simply help by guiding you during The Lab experience, to pay attention to your instincts in specific areas so that you realize the true attributes that protect your expression.


Creativity is a special power that inspires those around us.  Simple enough, it's carried out by what comes out of us naturally. Consider for a moment that you have the capacity to turn another human's life right side up, just by becoming what you are supposed to become. For someone out there that has lost their way, your business, song, book, or artwork expressed is the only thing that will get them back on track.  If your expression only impacts you and your world, then you will have nothing that keeps you from quitting, creativity expressed is a gift given to inspire others, and it must be released! 


So Create! "Book a class" to reserve your place at The Lab!

UnEarth the True You

This course assists with understanding your significance and helps you to realize your unique expression.

Download the form, read through fees and save your place. Emailany questions to Urbanliaisoninc@gmail.com

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