Well Life Solutions

Specialists in Community Training

Post culture rehab... one community at a time.


Well Life Solutions is the training delegate of Well Life Society.

We specialize in training the community to recognize and adapt to healthy new norms as a culture.


Our objective is to teach families to embrace a new perspective of social leadership and cultural responsiveness, starting with the person they see in the mirror first. We activate awareness through advocacy & education. These pathways lead us to focus on the work necessary for positive change in the community which is empowerment and development.


Our goal is empowering individuals by helping them to identify personal road blocks, then walking them through implementation of solutions for issues that affect them. We want our community to know that change is possible, and that we are better together. But we must not ignore the issues that pour into communities. We must be willing to see the big picture that there are needs present, especially relating to fiscal needs, relationship, identity, and social empowerment of the under-served.

In short we equip our audiences to be well conditioned to impact people and to be teachable on a personal level to bring about the overall positive change our communities need to experience. We believe that "advocacy is not just speaking for those who can't speak for themselves but empowering them to be a voice for someone else."    -Kisha Walker