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Well-Life Inspiration Academy is an education platform that empowers students to overcome obstacles in Socioemotional interactions caused by trauma that hinder personal growth. 

This is done by creating a trauma-informed learning environment that extracts the best out of every student.


Identify the inner quality of each student and teach the cultivation, and proper use of that quality, through empowerment, by initiating practices that keep the personal well-being intact.

Candidates and Students

Our student candidates know that life can give you great days or gray skies but it's the decision that each individual makes to be an industrious partaker of life.


Our student candidates know that their identity is revealed by seizing the opportunity given to upgrade their knowledge of self.

At Well Life Inspiration Academy, We believe self-awareness is paramount to the authenticity of one's unique expression.


So we intentionally and repetitiously provide those opportunities for students to increase their capacity where they are strong and improve their overall personal culture!

Our Teachers  

Teachers at Well Life I- Academy understand and

know the importance of imparting life changing competencies that will increase self awareness.

"The chance to participate in this program has left me empowered, changed and ready to walk in my true identity!”


-Claudia Upchurch


"I loved how we shared the role of our personality in different aspects of life. The class is incredibly insightful!”


-Lauren Nowlin


"I love the advice and the revelation.”

-Gabrielle Walker