Well Life Society, LLC.

Wellness Lifestyle Nexus for Community 

Mission: To create connections that build an empowered society, through advocacy, community building, co-action and wellness workshops.

Vision: A society that thrives by intentionally pursuing lifestyle medicine practices, a commitment to quality education for all and purpose filled interaction.

Our core belief is "Wellness is a right, but cultivate it intentionally".

Our focus is centered on promoting a culture that's established on the principles of Christ-like action and a willingness to ra'ah (look after) all humankind. 

Our Philosophy is Advocacy

The advocacy of this group builds upon the elements that comprise a well life, which is wellness physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, and socially. We then advocate for all aspects of it through 3 major channels; Health, Education, & Social leadership.

Well Life Society offers a collaborative that like-minded individuals and organizations are able to partner with. The collaborative needs your voice! Join us! Simply click on the join button in the menu above, sign in, then add yourself to a group.

Our culture points to the significance of every human being. If your initiative supports the betterment of human life, or the increase of Christ-like action, then welcome!

We are the Nexus for your cause to meet others who support and care about what you care about. Join our community!

Let's support one another! 


An explanation of the flow of the 3 major channels of involvement,

- Education:  We conduct workshops to drive quality education for our children. We include Health (ed), Parent (ed), Urbanity practices, and Life Skills.

- Social Leadership: We initiate forums to discuss current affairs to bring out solutions to issues present. We are a part of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. As members we believe that by right of humanity, Black Lives Matter. And we create programs for character building for urbanity that promote good citizenship and personal reform.

- Health/Cognitive coaching: For the purpose of restoration, increasing self-awareness, personality development, and navigation of the emotional plane successfully.

Where did the concept come from?

Kisha Walker is the Culture Ambassador at Well Life Society. As a mom and founder of a solution based organization for the betterment of society in greater Indianapolis Indiana, Kisha is strong in her craft and understands how empowering this organization is for all who need it. Who is Well Life Society? We are a Wellness Lifestyle Nexus for community. This means we promote a whole well life and advocate for all aspects of it. Our focus is you, and your physical, mental, and social well being. We have spent over 20 years researching ways to create healthy outcomes and developing strategies for increasing self-awareness. Lifestyle medicine practices provide the avenue for healthy living and we want to support you in your journey to personal reform.

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